Best Spreadsheet Apps And Excel Apps for Android

Spreadsheet Apps are powerful tools for many professions. It can be used to organize data and input more. And it scales well. You can do so many things with spreadsheets. There are whole classes for them. Mobile users have many options. There are two main options for mobile users: Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. These are the two that we recommend to almost everyone.

You have many other options if those two do not work, and many of them come from developers you may already know. These are the top excel apps (spreadsheet apps) for Android.

Best Spreadsheet Apps And Excel Apps for Android

AndrOpen Office

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AndrOpen Office Best Spreadsheet Apps And Excel Apps

AndrOpen Office, the first official mobile version of OpenOffice, is now available. It includes a word processor, a spreadsheet function, and a presentation function. This thing can draw and even do the math. Let’s talk about spreadsheet functionality. It is surprisingly fast for a mobile app, and it can compete with the big dogs, even though it does not have all of the features. It can import Microsoft Excel files (XLS or XLT), which makes it easy to switch between apps. This is a great alternative to Microsoft’s and Google’s solutions.

Docs to Go

Price: Up to $14.99

Docs To Go is an acceptable option for mobile office usage. It includes a word processor, a worksheet function, and a presentation function. It supports Microsoft Office files and is customizable and easy to use for the majority of simpler tasks. There are 111 functions available, including column customization and sorting. It seems to have trouble with more complex styling that you might have imported from other apps. However, it still works well for simple things.

Google Sheets

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Google Sheets is the largest competitor in the mobile spreadsheet market. It can attach to Google Drive, supports cross-platform support via the web, is compatible with Microsoft Office files, and has tons of functionality. Its collaborative features allow multiple people to work simultaneously on the same spreadsheet in real time. It also offers a lot of customization and functions. Excel remains our favorite spreadsheet app. Google Sheets is far more accessible for beginners and much easier to use. You can use it with Google Drive for free, but if you need more than 15GB you will have to pay.

Microsoft Excel

Price: Free, $6.99-$9.99/month / $149.99 once for the desktop version

Microsoft Excel is undoubtedly the most popular spreadsheet program. It’s extremely powerful and used by tons of businesses for their work. You can also find tons of online resources to help you use them. For simple tasks, the mobile version is free. However, you will need a Microsoft 365 subscription in order to access the best features. You can pay once but this is only available for desktop apps. The subscription costs are not prohibitive for personal use, and the family plan ($9.99/month) is a great deal for households.


Price: No Charge / $4.99/month / $29.99/year

OfficeSuite was one of the first competitors to Google Drive and Microsoft Office on mobile. It has been around for quite some time and offers a lot of features as well as a complete office experience. It has Excel file support and isn’t too bad. It’s very user-friendly, although the free version lacks some features. The $4.99 monthly (or $29.99 annually) subscription includes ads removal, 154 document formats, and two dozen additional features. You only need to pay once for the license, which is valid for both Android and iOS devices.

Polaris Office

Price: Up to $5.99 per Month / $29.99 Per Year

Polaris Office Best Spreadsheet Apps

Polaris Office, an older alternative to Google Drive and Microsoft Office, is also more mature than Google Drive and Microsoft Office. It has been around for years and supports Excel file types. The spreadsheet function can be used for many things, including graphs and other functions. The app features a modern and delightful Material Design UI. Premium users are encouraged to choose a yearly subscription. The app also has some bugs. It’s otherwise a solid choice.


Price: Free / $10 per person per month


A quip is a great option for businesses. The app offers a lot of modern features, including the ability to edit documents with others and to chat directly with them via the app. It has over 400 functions and allows you to embed any spreadsheet into any document. It is designed for business users but can also be used for personal purposes.


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SmartOffice is an excel app that has been around for a while. It has a lot of useful features and excels functionality that is very good. It isn’t as powerful as its competitors, but it is more attractive than many. You get what you pay for, and it is completely free. Although we still prefer Google Sheets, this alternative is worth considering, especially if it allows you to edit offline. You don’t need to pay extra for Dropbox or Google Drive cloud storage. Although it isn’t the most powerful, it is accessible and should work well.

Table Notes

Price: $2/month / $13.99/year / $26.99 Once

Table Notes is a different kind of spreadsheet. Many spreadsheet apps are part of an office suite. Table Notes isn’t an office app. It is more like a note-taking app with spreadsheet functionality. It is very simple and won’t overwhelm you with hundreds and hundreds of functions. It will let you add photos, audio, or drawings. It can also support dates and signatures. It also allows you to input mathematical formulas to improve your integration. The app is priced at one price, rather than a subscription. However, it hides many of its features (including the ability to import Excel documents) in the pro version. Overall, it’s a good app.

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