Best Personal Assistant Apps For Android 2022

Personal Assistant Apps have been in use for quite some time. But it was not until Siri that they were something of a major deal. Today, we have a myriad of options available in this space with the services of Google, Microsoft, SoundHound, and many more. It’s a fascinating area to be in now. You can benefit from the top personal assistant applications for Android! Let’s get started.

If you’re interested in hardware, look into Google Home or Amazon Alexa as they combine the idea of a virtual assistant and a physical device to give greater control. Let’s be honest about it. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are the only two that stand out on top, and Bixby coming in third place. Also, we said goodbye to Cortana in the latter half of 2019 and the app is no longer accessible on this list.

Best Personal Assistant Apps For Android 2022

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa Best Personal Assistant Apps For Android

Amazon Alexa is actually an excellent personal assistant. It’s just difficult to find. The app requires either an Amazon Fire device or an Amazon Echo device. The Alexa app on Android is mostly an app for controlling devices. Alexa can conduct internet searches, connect with smart home devices and even order pizza! The limitations of the device are the most problematic aspect of it. If you’re looking for a better alternative, it’s on par with Google Assistant as the best of the most effective. We would highly recommend it.

Pricing: Fre


Bixby can be described as Samsung’s own personal assistant application. It’s only available for Samsung devices. Other than that, it’s quite good. It can do internet searches, download applications via Google Play, and has direct support for many apps. It is also compatible with smart home technology provided you have Samsung’s exclusive hub. It’s just a little over one year old. But, it’s still far better than other alternatives. People who own Samsung devices should test this app with confidence. We don’t know whether Samsung will open the app to other devices. It would be great should they do.

Price: Free (Samsung devices only)


Voice Assistant DataBot AI

DataBot is a little above-average personal assistant application. It has cross-platform support. It also comes with basic personal assistant features as well as some customizing features and even chatbots. It’s not quite as impressive as the features offered by Google Assistant, Siri, or Cortana as well as Bixby. But it’s a more simple fun solution for those who enjoy the idea of having a fun and entertaining voice assistant. It even has jokes or riddles and other funny things similar to it. The app isn’t terrible however it’s not the most impressive also. The app is completely free, with a few in-app purchases that are optional.

Price: Free / Up to $4.99

Extreme Personal Voice Assistant

Extreme- Voice Assistant

Extreme is a decent personal assistant application. It’s able to do simple things such as Google searches, assist you to take pictures, search for directions, and locate news. It also attempts to safeguard your privacy. The conversations you have with Extreme are recorded on your mobile and your data is deleted automatically when you remove the app. However, there are restrictions, and certain commands require manual input. In other words, it’s not as great as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. The developers should keep developing it.

Pricing: Cost is free with the purchase of in-app purchases

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is pretty much the most popular personal assistant app for Android. It is loaded with a number of features that include the basics, as well as more advanced things like anticipating your needs as well as activation at any time, Google Now on Tap, and many more. It even works with smart home devices such as Philips Hue lights. It’s not enough to say that this application is as sturdy as a brick, it’s continuously updated on a constant basis by Google which appears to increase its stability and the range of features. If your device supports Google Play Services, you probably already have this feature installed which means you only need to enable it. You can also download Google Now Launcher which puts Google Now at the forefront of all interactions on your device.


Price: Free


HOUND Voice Search Personal

Hound is a different one of the new personal assistant apps that are slated to join Cortana. SoundHound created this app several years back. It’s progressing well. The fundamentals are all explained here, and the application includes some more advanced features like mortgage calculators, built-in Expedia assistance for hotel reservations as well as the SoundHound Now which opens a music search that you can sing or hum. You can also play games that are interactive, such as Hangman. This is only available to United States residents right now however, it’s released from beta and is now available to be played by the public. It’s still unstable, so beware.

Price: Free


Robin - AI Voice Assistant

Robin was among the first “Siri contestants” and is, therefore in development for quite a while. However, the creator is still promoting Robin as a”beta” application which means they want everything to be perfect before releasing. Robin can be used for basic tasks like making calls and sending SMS, but it is also able to respond to gestures and provide information about traffic and parking alerts, prices for gas, and others. It’s not perfect, however, it’s a decent alternative and will likely improve in the long haul if developers continue to work on it.

Price: Free

To do list apps

To-do lists can do many of the same features as personal assistant applications. It can remind you to complete tasks, plan items for later dates as well as add notes, and even view the calendar. You can use one of these with a weather app or Google Search and you have the same experience. There is no way to get the smart home integration or certain of the more complicated tasks. But, users who don’t need those features can duplicate the majority of the user experience using different apps. The Todoist app, TickTick, or Gtasks are all good choices. Our top list of options is below if you’d like to learn more!

Price: Free / Varies

Calendar apps

Calendar apps are the original personal assistants for mobile devices. You’re familiar with how they function. You open your calendar, add the various activities, then check again later to check out what’s scheduled. There are several great choices here, including a calendar, Calendar Widget by Home Agenda, Simple Calendar Pro, and, obviously, of course, the standard Google Calendar. The majority of calendar applications work similarly, but with a few other features on the outside. It’s a good option to take if you require something easy. Here’s our top 10 list of calendar apps, and you can find them by clicking the link just below.

Price: Free / Varies

Other OEM AI assistant apps

Other OEMs are currently or considering working on AI assistance for their phones. Examples include LG, Huawei, and Xiaomi. These apps are similar to Bixby. They’re personal assistant apps that should be built into the smartphones that these manufacturers create. We don’t have a lot of information about these apps aside from their creation. Certain of them have distinct capabilities. For example, the assistant of Xiaomi can locate images of you taken at an exact time and from an area. It could take an additional generation, but they should be viable alternatives once they are released.

Price: Free

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