The Best To Do List Apps for Android 2022

Maintaining a tidy schedule is among the most difficult things to accomplish. It’s okay if it’s difficult to keep track of everything because the majority of us aren’t also. That’s why have a list of applications. They can bring order to a chaotic life and help you avoid getting caught up in the details. To-do list apps generally work well for tasks like grocery lists, and regular tasks such as taking the garbage out each week. People with a good memory will not need this. But in a world where multi-tasking is becoming an essential skill for life, A good to-do list app can help organize your life. This is one of the apps that we suggest to everyone. There are many apps of options to pick from, but these are our best to do list apps available for Android!

We’d also like to offer an honorable mention for Google Keep (Google Play link). Many people utilize it, along with similar note-taking apps for lists of tasks as well as grocery lists and other items that don’t include a time-sensitive element to it. It’s perfect for simple tasks, and it’s free to utilize.

The most useful to-do list of applications for Android - To do list Calendar is a well-known and popular to-do list application that covers the essentials. It comes with a standard variety of tasks, subtasks, and notes that can be added to keep track of what you’re required to accomplish. Cloud syncing is also available which allows you to access your work on various devices, including desktops or laptops, as well as tablet. It’s got a stylish interface with built-in support of Cal Calendar if you want to get two birds with one stone. is powerful and simple a lot of the functions are completely free. is also among the few list-making applications that support the two platforms: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Cost: Free / $2.99 per month or $26.99 per year


Memorigi To-Do List Tasks

Memorigi is among the newest apps for to-do lists. It comes with a gorgeous Material Design UI along with numerous other features. Its basic features include lists and tasks as well as cloud syncing, recurring tasks as well as notifications (reminders) as well as others. The more distinctive features include moving action (like Chat heads on Messenger from Facebook) and integrated weather and thematic. It does the job and looks great while doing it. The organization structure requires some time to master and is especially difficult if you’re accustomed to programs like Todoist, TickTick, or GTasks. The free version has a few functions. There’s a one-time fee of $3.99 for the plus version, which includes most of the features, as well as a monthly subscription for the remainder of it. The majority of users can get by with either the free or the plus versions.

Cost: Free / $3.99 / $1.99 per month $15.99 per year

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To Do Lists Tasks

Microsoft To-Do is actually a quite decent to-do list application. It’s developed by the same team who created Wunderlist before Microsoft bought the app a couple of years back. The app is able to do various things that include syncing to your Windows desktop as well as reminders, routine tasks, and a regular to-do list. It also has collaboration capabilities (list as well as task-sharing) for your family members or works colleagues. It was a great idea for a while however we believe it’s now ready to go live. This is a great free to-do list app.

Cost: Free


Taskito To-Do List, Planner

Taskito is a task-listing app as well as a task manager. It lets you organize your tasks, view a timeline of scheduled activities, and offers nice features like planner boards, a note-taking feature as well as calendar integration. In the majority of cases, it manages to get the basics right. It can be used to plan assignments, repeat tasks, and set reminders as required. It is also possible to transfer your tasks between different devices. Other features include fifteen themes and support for more than 10 and no advertisement. It is possible to use and a la carte-style in-app purchase method for different features and you may pay one cost and unlock all features.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases or $5.99


Tasks to do list tasks

Tasks is among the most recent to-do list applications. It comes with a stunning UI with plenty of customization options and an impressive range of options. It works as the majority of other to-do list applications. Simply add the tasks, including deadline dates and reminders, and then complete the tasks as needed. Other features include numerous lists as well as a dark theme and a basic layout. It’s not as popular with features such as list sharing or cloud sync. But, not everyone requires these features. It’s being developed So, make sure to check on the Play Store to see what’s updated between now and when it’s time to update the lists.

Cost: Free / $1.49 to-do list tasks can be described as a copy of Yahoo’s older Astrid task list software. It works quite well. It comes with typical features like routine assignments, recurring tasks customized filters, and syncing to the Google Task account. In addition, you’ll get simple theme options, as well as support for CalDAV and Tasker support too. You shouldn’t have any trouble in navigating the UI but some unusual features may take some time to understand. The app requires an annual subscription starting at $1 per year. This is cheaper than most rivals.

Cost: Free / Up to $9.99 per year


TickTick To-do list Tasks

TickTick is another basic but effective to-do list app. It comes with the most basic features, along with cloud syncing to keep on top of your tasks across devices. It also comes with tags so that you can quickly categorize your widgets, task prioritization levels to separate those tasks that are more important, and location-based reminders. The free version includes up to 2 notifications per job. If you choose to upgrade you’ll also benefit from more efficient task management, better collaboration capabilities, and even more reminders for each task. It’s a good, simple alternative that works efficiently. The premium version includes additional features, however, the free version will be adequate for the majority of users.

Pricing: Free / $2.79 per month $27.99 per year


Todoist to-do list planner

Todoist is a mighty to-do list app that can accomplish pretty much everything you want to accomplish. Alongside its mobile applications, you can also download native apps for Google Chrome (as an extension) as well as desktops and other locations for full cross-platform support. It provides the essentials and also supports offline mode tags, inboxes, and tags for efficient sorting tasks, Wear OS support, integration with numerous other applications (including Google Assistant), and the unique karma system which lets you see the amount of work you’ve done. We don’t like reminders being a feature that is only available to premium users at a time when other to-do list apps do not offer that. The app is functional and stunning.

Pricing: Free / $28.99 per year

To Do List

To Do List

To Do List by Splend Apps may be the most ingenuous name listed. But, it’s not all good. The app provides the most basic to-do features, such as the ability to receive reminders to help you complete your tasks. The interface is similar to Wunderlist however that’s not necessarily a negative thing. It’s extremely clean and easy to use. It also comes with a variety of additional features, such as the ability to add tasks using voice commands, widgets, and many more. It’s a simple to-do list app that is suitable for those with basic needs. Those who want something more complex may want to look at a different option. You can download it for free to test it. The paid version costs $2.99 and you’ll get it for free when you sign up with Google Play Pass.

Cost:Free / $2.99



Trello is a household name in the to-do list game, and it’s one of the only choices that is completely free. For the moment at least. It includes all the basic features, as well as a unique interface based on cards that lets you design the tasks you need to complete in “boards.” The app also includes Google Drive and Dropbox support, Android Wear support, collaboration tools, and scaling, so you can create things as small as a grocery list, or as large as a multi-person project. The application is extremely impressive, it looks amazing and the price is ideal for a wide range of users. It was bought in early 2017. It was purchased by Atlassian. We’re not certain how that will impact it in the long term, but at present, it’s working the same way.

Cost: Free


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