The Best Calendar Apps For Android

Calendars can be useful instruments. They can be useful even if they are paper. to remember dates, clean out the garbage as well as keep track of birthdays for family members. One of the first mobile applications was datebooks and calendars. They’re used today for the exact same reasons as their paper-based predecessors. The technologies behind the calendar have evolved not much over time. Many calendar apps are simple datebooks that have customizable features. However, there are plenty of top-quality ones on the market. Here are the best calendar apps for Android to help you stay on track!

Best Calendar Apps For Android


aCalendar  Best Calendar Apps For Android

aCalendar is among the most popular calendar applications. It offers the basics including different data views as well as reminders, notifications, and much more. It also comes with options for customization, Google Calendar support, themes, and tasks as well as special features like moon phases and holiday dates. The app also donates 10% of app revenues to help preserve the rainforest. We really liked this. It comes with a no-cost version as well as a reasonable professional version. The app was recently updated with an overhaul.

Cost: Free / Up to $5.99 tasks and calendar - To do list Calendar is a mix of a to-do calendar and a list. It offers the most efficient of both. This includes a vast view of the calendar, as well as the detailed capabilities of tasks on the to-do list. It is also compatible with Facebook, Google, and Outlook calendars. It is a great choice for fans of multiple platforms. Its UI can be described as Material Design and it looks pretty. The only drawback is the cost. It requires a subscription. This makes it difficult to recommend it to people who are looking for something affordable and easy. This is for tough-core, high-performance people.

Pricing: Free / $2.09-$2.99 per month (billed annually)

Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 Planner

Business Calendar 2 is one of the most popular calendar applications. It has a lot of customizable features. This includes more than two dozen themes as well as seven calendar widgets and a variety of calendar views. It also supports Google Calendar and Exchange Calendar as a good business calendar must. It also has information on the weather in addition to everything else. We like the fact that it can handle sub-tasks which you typically only find in to-do lists applications. It’s also available for free through Google Play Pass if you utilize it.

Cost: Free / Up to $6.99

Calendar Notify

Calendar Notify - Widget, Lock

Calendar Notify is one of the latest calendar apps that are on this list. It can do a lot of things right that include a complete set of customizable tools as well as an intuitive UI. Premium versions also come with more advanced tools for customization. For the most basic features, it comes with Google Calendar as well as any other calendar that comes with Google Calendar support. It can handle basic needs with no issues, however, its main attraction is the flexibility and control that users can have over their calendars.

Cost: Free / Up to $5.49

Calendar Widget on Home Agenda

Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

Calendar Widget by Home Agenda is a different calendar application. It is compatible with Google Calendar for everything except reminders. It features a simple interface with simple and custom calendar widgets. You can alter the themes to your liking and also display or hide events according to your preferences. It’s a bit different from the norm and is one of the top calendar widgets we’ve come across.

Price: $1.99


CalenGoo - Calendar and Tasks

CalenGoo is a top-quality calendar application. It comes with a variety of options, including the ability to support Google Calendar and Exchange Calendar. There are also options for customization as well as decent event options including recurring events, and many more. The app does not have an extensive list of additional options. It does, however, do the basics better than many. It even allows calendar sharing with others. This is great for working families and for personal use. You can try it for free. The premium version costs $5.99. The version is also available for free through Google Play Pass if you make use of it.

Cost: Free / $5.99

DigiCal Calendar Agenda

DigiCal Calendar Agenda Best Calendar Apps For Android

DigiCal Calendar is a solid calendar application. It comes with Material Design with a dark theme, lots of add-ons and. The add-ons available include calendars for TV shows, sports calendars, and more than 500,000 other activities. The other features available include theme themes, forecast data calendar widgets, and the ability to support Google Calendar, Exchange Calendar as well as Outlook Calendar. The free version comes with a lot of features and the premium version has everything. It’s not perfect, but it’s somewhat unstable, but nothing important.

Pricing: Free / Up to $4.99

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a de-reality calendar application. It is included on numerous gadgets. Numerous other calendar apps work straight into it. It’s pretty basic in terms of functions. It’s just the standard thing. There’s not any design or customization. But, it has an excellent Web interface with calendar add-ons and a few other things to enjoy. In addition, Google updates it fairly often to add new functionality. It’s free and no in-app purchase.

Cost: Free

Simple Calendar Pro

Simple Calendar Pro Best Calendar Apps For Android

The Simple Calendar Pro is, well an easy calendar. Its main function is to display the calendar. It does not connect to other calendars, such as Google Calendar or anything like such. There’s an optional CalDAV support, however. The calendar, however, is a bit away from the grid. There was a version that was free however it’s not available any longer. The current version costs $0.99 with no advertisements or in-app purchases. It’s also completely open source and fairly inexpensive. This is an excellent option for those looking for an element of simplicity and may not need everything to be stored on the cloud.

Price: $1.29

Additional apps that have calendars integrated

Microsoft Outlook

Calendar apps are fantastic. But, there are some who require a simple solution. Other apps may contain a calendar as a part of their features. They’re not as robust however they can are able to do simple tasks. Certain email applications such as Newton or Outlook include calendars. Widgets like Beautiful Widgets and HD Widgets include calendar widgets too. Many to-do-list applications like TickTick come with calendars. In fact, Facebook includes a calendar built in. There are a lot of apps on the options to list here. We recommend searching for apps that cover many points. This is a great starting point to get started with basic calendar use.

Cost: Free

Bonus: Calendar apps that are stock


Naturally, the standard calendar apps that are available on the majority of phones will do the job to meet the essential needs. They can handle repetitive tasks (usually) and remind you of holidays coming up and schedule calendars and appointments. They do not have all the features that are found in the calendar apps, however, certain people don’t require these. Additionally, they connect to Google or Facebook Calendar to the minimum. They’re free and come pre-installed. They are usually available for free, already on devices, and can do basic tasks. It’s worth a try for those who don’t wish to make use of Gmail due to a reason.

Pricing: Free (usually)

If we’ve missed any amazing calendar apps available for Android let us know what you think about these apps in the comments. You can visit Best Personal Assistant Apps For Android available to.


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