Xiaomi Virtual Assistant, Like a Google Check Out Xiao Ai

Xiaomi Virtual Assistant, Like a Google Check Out Xiao Ai. While Google’s policy regarding China has been tempered slightly over the years, it’s clear that Google isn’t likely to fully be a part of Chinese society anytime very soon. The Amazon’s Alexa as well as Siri from Apple Siri are both available in China although some features are limited or ineffective to China because of cultural barriers, language barriers, or the absence of integration between hardware.

Xiaomi recognizes this, and that’s why it’s developed an own digital assistant Xiao Ai, which was unveiled in a promo YouTube video. It seems like it has will beat Huawei to the post, as we’ve learned the news that Huawei is also working on their own digital software specially for Chinese market.

The video shows Xiao Ai is depicted as being very like Google Assistant, all the way to the bright bars that pop up when you speak commands. The users in the video request Xiao Ai to open apps to take photos, open menus and check the weather as well as switch on the lights, start a vacuum robot and a myriad of different commands Google Assistant (and Siri and Alexa) can perform.

The main differentiator here is that the assistant was designed using an understanding of the Chinese dialect in the mind not built upon English and later translated. It will be more useful for users from China over any virtual assistant that is on offer almost completely immediately.

Additionally, Xiao Ai will easily integrate with the numerous intelligent home devices Xiaomi provides, such as that vacuum roboot that is featured in this video. Chinese citizens who have access to a native , voice-controlled intelligent home is most likely be new to a lot of.

All things considered it’s difficult to think that Xiao Ai getting a foothold in any other country outside of China in the current scenario, since many users in the West have already integrated their virtual personal assistant of preference. However, Xiaomi will most likely hold the upper hand in China by introducing its new smartphone that can be controlled by AI and smart appliances and most recently, Xiao Ai. This is until Huawei is able to catch up.


  • The brand new Xiaomi virtual assistant named Xiao Ai.
  • Incredibly identical to Google Assistant, Xiao Ai is a weather app that controls smart appliances, performs math and also does translations.
  • Because of language and cultural limitations, Xiao Ai will probably succeed more in China than rivals with English-language interfaces such as Siri or Alexa.

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