The Best Podcast Apps for Android

The Best Podcast Apps for Android. Podcasts are making a comeback as one of the most important sources of entertainment and information in this age of the Internet. Podcasts are a great way for experts to talk about topics that matter to you. It is also easy to find good podcasts. There are many entertainment podcasts available that tell stories and make jokes. You can also find podcasts that go deep into specific topics. There are podcasts for almost every topic. These are the top podcast apps for Android if you love podcasts and are looking for new ones.

These are the best podcast apps for Android

The majority of these apps allow you to download and stream podcasts. We wanted to include at least one app that allows you to make your own podcasts. Anchor offers unlimited podcast hosting. You can record audio and upload it to iTunes or Google Podcasts. This is a great idea with a business model that encourages you to succeed so Anchor and you can both make money. You don’t have to pay anything for the app or hosting. However, you can give it a shot if your goal is to start your own podcast.


Castbox The Best Podcast Apps for Android

Castbox is one of a few podcast apps that are free. Castbox has over 1 million podcasts, which are sourced from iTunes and other sources. It supports 70 languages and language learning podcasts. Cloud syncing is also available for multiple devices. It also has some power-user settings, making it an excellent overall podcast app. The free version restricts how many podcasts can you subscribe to. It also displays a lot of pop-up advertisements, which we don’t like. The $0.99 per month subscription cost is not too high.

DoggCatcher is an older podcast app. The app is updated frequently. The app currently supports Android Wear, Android Auto, and Chromecast. It also boasts a large library of podcasts, playlist support, and variable-speed playback. The app also has themes and automation features. Material Design is available in the app. The $2.99 initial payment is required. There are no ads or in-app purchases.

This app hasn’t seen an update in over four years. This app is not working well on Android 5.0 and Google’s new policy regarding app updates could cause it to be removed from our database. We will give developers another chance to update this app, then we will have to take it down. We’re sad that Doggcatcher is no longer available as a subscription-based podcast app.

Price: $0.99/month

Google Podcasts

Google Podcast The Best Podcast Apps for Android

Google is doing the same thing with its podcast selection as it did with its messaging selection. Google currently offers three platforms for podcasts. Google Podcasts is the first. It’s a standard podcast app that allows you to skip silence segments and adjust the playback speed. Google Play Music, which is Google’s music streaming service, also supports podcasts. Many people upload podcasts, shows, and other similar content to YouTube every day or week. Google Podcasts is the easiest option, and it’s also free. We recommend it first. Although it was not perfect at first, it is now much more reliable.

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Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts - Podcast Player

Pocket Casts was once one of our most popular recommendations. Although it is still a great podcast player, it is not as easy to recommend. It has a great UI, excellent discoverability features, some powerful-user features, as well as some customization options like themes. It was a premium app in its day. It went subscription a while back, so it’s hard to recommend it to the average podcast listener. Podcasts are usually free, but this developer charges monthly. This is a great deal for podcast fans, but people who listen only to a few podcasts per week may prefer something that costs less.

Price: $0.99 per Month / $9.99/ Year


Podcast Player App - Podbean

Podbean, a popular podcast app, works well. There are a lot of podcasts that can be found on Podbean. It allows you to subscribe, stream, download and listen as many times as you like. You can also use it as a lock screen control, audio effects, Android Auto support, and Chromecast support. It can be used almost anywhere. Although there are some bugs that may be present, the app worked well in our testing. The Premium version costs $9.99 per annum and removes ads. It also allows unlimited playlists and lets you modify some things about the app.

Price: $9.99/year

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict - Podcast player

Podcast Addict is a popular podcast app. You can find a huge library of podcasts, audiobooks, and live-streaming radio. It supports Twitch and YouTube channels. You can also use the app to adjust playback speed and skip silence, as well as Chromecast support and SONOS support. Although the UI is a bit outdated, it works well and offers tons of options for playback, organization, playlists, and organization. Although the app is free, it does contain advertising. If you wish to disable the ads, there is an optional $2.99 pro edition in the Google Play Store. A subscription is available to unlock additional features. However, it is completely optional.

Price: No Charge / $2.99/ $0.99/$9.99/year

Podcast Go

Podcast Go

Podcast Go is one of the newest podcast apps. It offers basic features such as downloading podcast episodes, variable-speed playback, sleep timers, and more. Material Design is a design feature that makes it stand out. There are over 300,000.0 podcasts available on the app. Search and browse the podcasts at your convenience, then subscribe. It’s quite basic otherwise. Advertising is not included in the app. To remove ads, you can pay $2.99 If you have a Google Play Pass subscription, this can be used for free. We only saw occasional playback issues and marked episodes as completed.

Price: $2.99 / Free


Spotify Music, Podcasts

Spotify is one of the most well-known and popular streaming music services in the world. In early 2016, Spotify also began podcasting. Although there aren’t many podcasts available, they are more than iTunes. However, we are certain that the number will increase. The service is free to download, provided you don’t mind audio ads. Otherwise, you can pay $9.99/month to get the full, ad-free experience. You may find that Spotify is the best podcast app for you.

Price: $9.99/month

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio Pro - Live Radio

TuneIn Radio is one of the most popular radio apps. It focuses mainly on live talk radio. The app includes audiobooks, podcasts, radio stations (both AM/FM), and live sporting events. Podcast owners must make their podcasts accessible for this app. It can’t scrub iTunes for podcast content. It’s otherwise a very useful podcast app. Premium subscribers get access to live NFL, MLB, and other sports games, as well as other features. This is not a standalone podcast app, so we don’t recommend it. This app may be more appealing to those who listen to radio shows on other platforms than regular podcasts.

Price: $9.99/month

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