The Best Battle Royale Game For Android Like Fortnite o PUBG Mobile

The Best Battle Royale Game For Android Like Fortnite o PUBG Mobile. Fortnite along with PUBG Mobile hit Android in huge ways. Both games have thousands of players and helped kick-start the battle royale game on mobile devices. They’re also two of the top first-person shooter titles available. However, they’re not suitable for all players. Both games are lengthy playing times and a basic premise. A few players may wish to explore a different game in the category. We can assist with this! Here are the top free games for battle royale on Android currently.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 The Best Games For Android

Call of Duty: Mobile was the biggest mobile game launch ever. There’s a reason behind it. The game is among the most polished games in the genre and has a great quantity of information. The game has a variety of PvP modes which include the battle royale mode that can accommodate 100 players. Furthermore to that, there are many weapons, customizations, and other characters that you can explore and use as you work your way through. It’s definitely on par in the same league as PUBG Mobile, and Fortnite as one of the top mobile battle royale games and, unless the developers make a mistake, it will remain that way for quite a while.


Cost: Free to play

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is extremely similar to Fortnite. We think of it as a copy of Fortnite. It’s a decent copy, however. The game features a vast map that has a variety of landscapes as well as 100-person games. You can create and demolish objects. In addition, you can play from third or first-person perspectives. We found that to be extremely enjoyable. The game doesn’t work well on some mid-range and lower-top phones. In addition, it comes with some glitches. However, the overall experience was very good during our tests.

Cost: Free to play


Fortnite was a game that had controversy when it launched. But, it’s definitely one of the most popular and most loved games of battle royale. The game features an all-comer battle royale that is similar to many other games of games in this genre. It is a place to drop from a plane, construct your arsenal, locate weapons, and eliminate opponents. This is different from other battle royale games as it also has crafting elements. In addition, this game lets you transfer your data between PC and console versions. PC versions, allow you to take all of your skins. The game isn’t without shortcomings, but it’s also significantly better than it was. It was also released through the Play Store at the beginning of 2020, meaning that you don’t need to download the game from the Epic Games store.

Pricing: Free to play

Garena Free Fire Max

Garena Free Fire MAX est Battle Royale Game For Android

Garena Free Fire Max only was launched in 2021 and is already among the most-played battle royale games for mobile. It’s got the typical battle royale elements. You are able to parachute into the game with the other 49 players, to win. The winner will be the person who is left standing. The game lasts for 10 minutes, and you will discover weapons and other supplies to stay alive against the other players.

This version also has four-man squads and the ability to support Free Fire accounts, and many more. It’s not the same as Garena Free Fire. Garena Free Fire is still excellent, however, the new version is likely to draw more attention from developers.

Cost: Free to play

Guns Royale

Guns Royale - Multiplayer Bloc

Guns Royale is a fairly normal battle royale title with regard to the mechanics. It is the massive free-for-all shootout with many players within the shrinking game area. The game is played from a first-person perspective to a three-quarters-isometric perspective. This allows you to view your opponents all around you, including behind corners, so the gameplay is quite different. In addition, it comes with AR elements to give you a more immersive experience as well as various other game features. It’s a completely free game, like all battle royale titles, however, it’s not overly aggressive or any other thing. Furthermore, many IO games are battle royale in their style to them.

Cost: Free to play

Most IO games

AXE.IO - Survival Battleground

There are Most IO games that incorporate battle royale features. Some of the most notable ones include,,,, and many of others. These games typically place players in an epic battle or battle with hundreds of other players from all over the world. The gameplay mechanics differ from game to game. uses axes, while utilizes Blobs. However, the basic concept is the same in all the games. There are lots of players in your game and you continue until the entire group loses. These are typically free games and all have the same issues with connectivity and lag. But, they’re probably the easiest battle royale game to play. You can look over our selection of the Best IO Game For Android.

Cost: Free to play (usually)

Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground


Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground is an emulation of PUBG It is, evidently. It has pixel-style graphics, however, the majority of the gameplay and controls are identical to other battle royale shooter games. Drop in, look for things, kill others, then live the longest. It also has chat in-game, auto shooting, and lower graphics settings for less expensive phones. This version has some issues with stability that we observed during our tests. If you’re looking to go with something similar it’s probably best to choose PUBG Mobile. It’s still better than all games like the PUBG rivals that are available on Google Play.

Cost: Free to play

Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is another PUBG replica. It was released following PUBG Mobile was release, but it was not announced until the date of release. The player is dropped from an airplane, searches for items, and kills other players according to the standard. The game comes with extra weapons, vehicles, and matches that have 120 players. It’s less well-organized than other battle royale games but this adds a bit of chaos, for better or worse. It’s got stability and delays like other games. Some games were more enjoyable than others. This one hasn’t aged well when compared to the more refined competition, but it’s decent as a substitute for these titles.

Pricing: Free to play

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is among the two biggest names in battle royale gaming for mobile devices. It is the most popular of the eight games that are available on this copy from PUBG Mobile, or Fortnite. The game features 100-player battles with a huge map that is slowly sunk to allow players to interact with each other. There’s a range of gear, weapons, and vehicles that aid in the destruction.

It’s a very stable game that runs pretty smoothly provided you have the correct graphics settings for your device. PUBG: New State is the latest trend but lots of players play the classic PUBG Mobile.

Pricing: Free to play

PUBG: New State


PUBG: New State is the sequel to PUBG Mobile. It offers accelerated, intense, and faster gameplay, innovative mechanics, improved graphics, and much more. It has 64 players who drop into a space that’s significantly smaller than the previous game’s. In the zone, you can discover weapons and items to keep you alive until the final. It’s better than PUBG printed on paper.

The game is more difficult on lower-spec or older devices than its predecessor. This makes its predecessor PUBG Mobile more suitable for players using these kinds of devices. Additionally, the developers can provide an additional layer of polish. This isn’t the first time however we expect that it’ll improve with time.

Cost: Free to play - Battle Royale is an arcade game featuring battle royale elements. You enter a world filled with players. The objective is to become the last one left standing. It is a simple game with 2D graphics, easy controls, and basic mechanics. It’s easy to master. In addition, there is a team playing modes, tons of cosmetics and leaderboards, weekly events, and much much more. It’s more of a mobile game than it is an original console game that has been ported to mobile. It’s fine, but it comes with an array of freemium features. In addition, the stability is occasionally a little unstable. However, overall, it’s a good experience.

Cost: Free to play

If we’ve missed any amazing battle royale games on Android Tell us your thoughts in the comment section!

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