The Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online For Legally

The Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online For Legally

The Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online For Legally. You might consider quitting Netflix or Hulu if you are trying to reduce your monthly expenses. It’s amazing how quickly these services add up and match your monthly cable bill. You can save money and still enjoy your cinema experience. You can legally stream TV shows and movies online from many places. Here are some of our favorites.

18 Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online For Legally


Hoopla The Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online For Legally.

Many people are unaware that their local library card can allow them to access more than books. You can access a few other services online that are free if your library supports them. Hoopla is one such service. Hoopla offers tons of free movies, TV shows, and apps for your mobile device.

Hoopla has thousands of comics, eBooks, music, and audiobooks. This makes it your one-stop entertainment source. Keep in mind that Hoopla is a library. You can only borrow a limited number of TV shows or movies. They also have a time limit so you can finish them before you need to return them.

Amazon Freevee

Amazon Freevee Streaming  Movie

Amazon Freevee, formerly IMDb TV, is a great website for movie fans to keep up with all things movie-related. You can find local movie times and tickets, trailers, user reviews, recommendations, and personalized recommendations. There is even an extensive library of free movies online. It is also available in conjunction with Amazon Prime memberships.

You will find family favorites, as well as many classics. Amazon Freevee can provide something for every mood.

Movies Found Online

Movie Found Online

The name says it all. Movies Found Online does not host its content. Instead, it embeds videos and movies from other websites into one place. Nearly all of the content on this website was created by independent filmmakers. The selection includes documentaries, short films, and movies. Although the website’s library is not as extensive as other sites, it might have something you are looking for on Movies Found Online.

Keep your ad blocking on Movies Found Online. Pop-ups can occur from time to time.


Popcornflix allows you to stream free movies online using a simple video streaming platform. You can find tons of movies, TV shows, and a documentary on it. Although the service has been in existence for almost a decade, it seems that the library recently made a shift toward B-movies. The library has a well-organized directory that allows you to quickly browse the different genres you are interested in, including foreign films and original Popcornflix movies.


Internet Archive

This list includes the Internet Archive, which is somewhat of an oddball. You can stream thousands of hours online of movies for free, and you can also download almost everything from the website. All content in the Internet Archive has been uploaded by users or is available to the public. Although most feature films are older than 70 years, it is still a great place to find classic sci-fi, horror, and silent films.


Just like Hoopla, all you need to get up and going with Kanopy is a library card. We can’t guarantee every library supports it, but Kanopy is a treasure trove of free movies online if yours does. You may also be able to tap into Kanopy’s library through your school or university.

Kanopy is available online and via the mobile app. There are many more movies than you can ever imagine. Kanopy has a great movie selection, including award-winning films by studios such as A24.


Plex is a valuable tool for people who want to access their personal media library from anywhere in the world. But that’s not all it does. Plex now has its own online ad-support media library, so users can watch tons of free movies online without having their own collection.

The new selection of free content is seamlessly integrated into the Plex interface, so you can access it from either the app or a browser. This new movie collection is worth checking out, whether you are a regular Plex user or if you have never heard of it.

Pluto TV

One thing streaming services can’t address is the ability to channel surf as you can with cable TV. PlutoTV is the solution. Pluto TV offers tons of movies, TV shows, and cartoons for free online or through the Pluto TV App. However, it presents them in an interface that is more similar to traditional cable.

Pluto TV offers a section that allows you to stream content on demand, but also has more than 250 channels you can tune into to view at pre-scheduled times. Pluto TV is a great alternative to your cable service.


It feels like Crackle has been around for a long time. This streaming service is a staple for budget-minded movie fans looking for quality online content. Crackle is ad-supported like most of the other services on this page. However, Crackle’s library has a greater selection than others. Crackle is accessible in your web browser, as well as through smart TVs and mobile apps. Crackle has you covered, whether you prefer to watch your movies on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Film

Do you feel like a documentary? We have the top documentary films for you. There’s a film for everyone, whether you’re looking for films on human health, environmentalism, or outer space. You can watch some of the most interesting documentary films online. They cover a wide range of topics and are completely free.

While some movies may only last a few minutes, others can be as long as classic films. No matter how short your time is, Top Documentary Films will have something for you.



Tubi TV was launched in 2014 and has since grown to be one of the best free streaming movie services online. Tubi TV is a great streaming service that offers the best movies on the list.

Tubi also offers a variety of genres that you won’t see on other free services, such as LGBTQ, home and gardening, musicals, and reality TV. Tubi also offers a variety of hand-curated collections that will assist you in narrowing down what you are looking for. Tubi is also home to a growing selection of exclusive movies.



Yidio does not host its own content, just like Movies Found Online. It aggregates online TV shows and movies from both paid and unpaid services into one streamlined interface. Yidio’s library is huge because of this.

The website allows you to watch movies for free and also lets you browse content from Amazon Prime and Hulu. Yidio is worth a look if you subscribe to at least one streaming service.


Youtube Movie Streaming

YouTube is chock-full of content creators, vloggers, and even original content. But what people might not know is that YouTube also offers a library of movies and TV shows beyond YouTube Originals. Within that online library, there is an entire selection of movies you can watch entirely for free.

Although the library isn’t the biggest, it has horror movies, comedy, action flicks, and dramas. There are even kids’ movies.

The Roku Channel

You can watch a bunch of free movies and TV shows on The Roku Channel. The streaming service also gives you free access to Live TV. There is no subscription fee involved, and you can watch the free titles available on the service through your Roku device other streaming devices, or even a web browser. The service even has a few exclusive new movies you won’t find anywhere else.


Peacock is a streaming service run by NBCUniversal. The platform lets you watch around 13,000 hours of content for free, including feature films and TV shows like This is Us, Law, and Order: SVU, and more. The only caveat is that you’ll have to watch some ads while binging for free.



ConTV, formerly known as Viewster was a digital streaming service that is fan-oriented. You can find thousands of hours worth of programming on the website, including movies and TV shows in many genres, such as horror, sci-fi and martial arts, classical cinema, and more. You can also find licensed content from other studios. While you’ll be watching ads, you probably already know that.


Vudu is mostly known as a place to rent or buy digital movies and TV shows. However, it also has a growing number of films and TV series you can watch for free, with ads. Best of all, if you really like a movie you watch for free, you can always purchase it so you can watch it without ads and not have to worry about it disappearing from the free library.


Xumo is owned by Comcast, which also owns Peacock. Xumo has a number of older and more recent movies to watch, although most are not as high profile or have as high review scores as you can find on Peacock. However, Xumo does have a small number of exclusive films to watch.

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