10 Best Offline Android Auto Adhan Applications

Prayer is a compulsory worship activity for Muslims which is performed 5 times a day. This obligatory worship for Muslims must be performed on time. Our daily activities can sometimes take a toll on us focused on work and ignore the call to prayer.

In addition, during the month of fasting, Iftar and Imsyak schedules are crucial times that Muslim friends also need to know every day. The prayer plan and the call to prayer itself will always change according to the movement of the sun. So what about Muslim friends who want to pray on time?

Muslim friends can easily keep prayer times with the help of Call to prayer app automatically for android the best you can try this friend. Check out what the applications are!

The best automatic offline adhan application for android

Here is an automatic adhan application that you can access offline on your Android phone to keep prayer times on time.

Muslim Pro

application Muslim Pro is one of the best adhan reminder application that you can download through play store. Muslim Pro offers various features to support worship for your Muslim friends. Muslim Pro application not only provides prayer times and the prayer alarm.

Downloaded by more than 100 million users, this application provides information on fasting plans, the Quran (complete with Latin readings, recitations, translations and audio), Qibla compass, digital prayer beads, Halal mosques and restaurants information, and the Hijri calendar. . Not only that, Muslim Pro also supports your worship activities by providing various collections of prayers and list of 99 Asmaul Husna. This application downloaded by many Muslim friends in all parts of the world has complete content, right?

Recently, Muslim Pro was accused of selling data to the United States (US) military. Muslim Pro vehemently denies this allegation. In order to increase user trust, Muslim Pro decided to end cooperation with data partner X-Mode.

SalatKu – Prayer Times, Qibla

According to the application name, my prayer is an application focused on helping Muslim friends keep prayer timeliness. My prayer has a function, which is the prayer schedule, which is equipped with alarm notifications and the sound of the prayer call, a count of the time until the next prayer schedule, a fasting schedule and qibla instructions. This My Prayer application has been downloaded by 5 million users.

The application created by this developer from home country adjusts the prayer times according to the user’s location so that the call to prayer notification is sent in time. In addition, users can also customize the sound of the call to prayer, allowing users to replace the call to prayer notification alert with the user’s own voice.


application ummah is one of the best and most complete adhan and prayer reminder application that muslim friends can have. This umma application has been downloaded by 10 million users worldwide so far. Umma presents not only prayer reminders but also features that support worship activities for Muslim friends.

Features available in this application include the Al-Qur’an – equipped with translation, recitation, audio recital, Latin – which can be accessed digitally, GPS-based Qibla pointer and other features. In addition, another interesting feature of Ummah is that Ummah is associated with the Muslim community. Users can also easily search for lecture and study content with religious themes. Umma also offers a digital Al Qur’an reading experience with a variety of complete features.

Al-Qur’an feature in Umma application has bookmark feature that can be used by users to show where user has read surah of Quran. Umma also gives color markings to each recitation in her digital Quran. This makes it easier for users to recognize the punctuation mark in their reading activities.


Salaam as the best automatic adhan application | google play

Another best automatic adhan application is Salaam. Salaam is an Android adhan application that is quite complete in terms of the features provided. Downloaded by more than 5 million users, this application not only offers a call to prayer notification function. However, Salaam also provides digital Al-Qur’an, Qibla Compass, Daily Prayers, Asmaul Husna and other features.

In terms of content, the Salaam application is very reliable. Application developed by PT. Samsung Electronics Indonesia has been certified by Lajnah Pentashihan Mushaf Al-Qur’an from the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia. In addition, Salaam also works with Cordoba International Indonesia, Indonesia’s leading Al Qur’an publisher.

Salaam also provides daily content features adapted to Hijri calendar like Hadith, Al-Qur’an Verses and Prayers which can enhance your religious education.

Prayer Times Muslim All in One

Prayer Times Muslim All in One as Best Automatic Adhan Application | google play

application Prayer Times Muslim All in One is one of the automatic prayer call apps for android users that can make Muslim friends as an alternative to prayer reminders. Prayer Times also has various features that can assist Muslims in conducting their worship activities. These features include prayer call alarm, quran, qibla instruction, daily prayers, asmaul husna and much more.

The Prayer Times application has been downloaded by approximately 500,000 users. It turns out that Prayer Time not only provides features common to other Muslim apps, but also several unique features that differ from other apps. Prayer Times offers a special zakat calculator for those who are confused in calculating any of these obligatory Muslim activities.

In addition, Prayer Times also offers greeting cards that users can use for Islamic holidays, for example Eid al-Fitr. A beautiful greeting card design will be very interesting to send to extended family or close relatives.

Athave messages

application Athave messages is a prayer schedule reminder application with a relatively small size which is only 7 MB. Athanotify has a prayer schedule feature, qibla instruction, call to prayer alert for prayer schedules, and Hijri calendar. Downloaded by more than 1 million users, this application has unique features that make Athanotify different from other Adhan applications.

Athanotify has beautiful themes and widgets for Muslim friends to use. These themes and widgets can be installed on the home screen by Athanotify users to help users see prayer times more easily.

Azan and Qibla Period

application Azan and Qibla Period is a special application that helps Muslims to pray, same as My Prayer application and Athanotify. Azan and Qibla Times are simple applications with small files, which are very suitable when users want a minimalistic and simple application to remind prayer schedule. Azan and Qibla timing application provides features like prayer schedules with voice reminders for prayer call and qibla instruction.

Adhan and Qibla times require access to your location to calculate prayer times and Qibla direction. This application has a small size of 3.3 MB so far and has been downloaded by more than 1 million users.


The next best Adhan application that Muslims can try is Vmuslim. Vmuslim is an application that not only provides reminders of prayer times with automatic adhan. Vmuslim also offers various features designed to carry out worship of Muslim friends. Features available on Vmuslim include digital Qurans, prayer collections, commemorations, religious themed articles, as well as various muezzin voices for the call to prayer.

Digital Quran provided by Vmuslim is equipped with audio and translation which can help Muslims to read Quran. In addition, this Quran access can also be used offline, allowing users to read the holy verses of Quran anywhere and anytime.

Muslim bag

application Muslim bag can also be a prayer reminder application option for users to choose. This one prayer call application not only includes prayer schedule reminder notification with prayer call. Muslim Pocket also provides Digital Quran, Fasting Schedule, Daily Prayers, Islamic Wallpapers, Hijri Calendar and so on. Quran provided by Muslim Pocket is equipped with audio, translation and recitation information to help Muslim friends to read Quran.

The application, downloaded by about 10 million users, can also show the location of the nearest mosque and halal restaurant.

I pray

application I pray is one of the best automatic prayer call application which can be choice of muslim friends in observing prayer times. iPray offers a simple, beautiful and ad-free look for the app. The features available in this iPray application are prayer schedules, qibla instructions and daily prayers.

Additionally, iPray can be accessed offline, allowing users to continue receiving prayer reminder notifications even when there is no internet access.

The best offline automatic adhan application | pixel

Prayer is one of the duties that Muslim friends must perform. Punctuality of prayer is important. For prayer is the first thing to be reckoned with on the day of destiny. There are many automatic prayer calls these days that can help you keep your prayers timely.

Not only that, These applications have various other features that support your worship activities such as Qibla Instructions, Databases of Letters and Holy Verses, 99 Asmaul Husna and others. Is there islamic app What do you want to install now to maintain the quality of your worship? Keep the spirit and always prioritize Fastabiqul Khairat to get the best on the crucial day, ok!


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