Sharelock Easily share files, notes and secret locations with anyone

This is good news for those of you who enjoy sharing everything private and confidential about the internet. While you might have doubts about the security that many cloud-sharing storage providers generally offer, one local startup called Sharelock provides the right solution to ensure security while sharing files with anyone easily and securely.

In short, Sharelock is an online platform that offers the possibility to securely share all kinds of things in a few steps. Requirements that can be uploaded can be files contained within hard disk Computer, special notes or private location shares. Technically, Sharelock encrypts everything that is uploaded to the platform and stored securely and can also be shared with anyone simply by sharing a special link that is obtained.

Sharelock sounds a lot like cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive and so on and makes it really easy for users who want it fast. When using Sharelock, users do not need account registration which can be quite time consuming.

If users want to share files, users can simply upload them directly to a special column and then set a password for security. In order not to be forgotten, the email address is also asked to be filled in as a “backup” in case the password is accidentally forgotten in the future. After uploading successfully, users can select different link options based on their needs, whether to share the download link with friends or share it in the form of HTML code. Not to be forgotten here is also the function for removing links with personal files.

Overall, the same functionality also applies when users want to share secret notes and share places that nobody wants to know. To facilitate location sharing, Sharelock uses Google Map technology, which should be familiar to most users.

Due to the status, which is currently still in beta, I’m wondering what the final “shape” of Sharelock will be, which I personally think is pretty much perfect and doesn’t have any significant obstacles.

As far as I’ve looked at the service, I haven’t found a business model that promotes Sharelock, but it’s possible that Sharelock will implement an excellent business model in the future, such as: B. Providing an upload function with paid additional capacity, considering that currently the maximum size of a file that can be uploaded is limited to a maximum of 250 MB.

For more details we have asked Sharelock’s developer about this and will update the information as soon as we receive an answer.

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