How to turn an Android phone into a TV and AC remote control

remote control TV controls are items you probably use all the time but also lose a lot, whether they’re covered with pillows, hidden on the couch, or you don’t remember putting them down. Losing the remote control is often frustrating, especially when your favorite show is on.

It is the same with the AC remote control, which is often needed to increase the convenience in leisure time, but like the TV remote control, it always suddenly disappears. To overcome this, turns out you can use your Android device too!

Of course not only for televisions and air conditioners, but also for other electronic devices. This way is very simple, see the explanation below.

Integrated remote application or functions of the smartphone

There are applications that are used for Android as specific remote controls from certain providers, and there are also universal ones. For example, Xiaomi Android phone models that can be used as universal remote controls, namely, multi-function remote controls, and can be used for different types and brands of electronic devices, such as Samsung, Sony, Sharp, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc.

The application used to enable this remote feature is the default mobile application, namely WatchON. Let’s see how to turn an Android phone/cellphone into a TV or AC remote control below:

  • Run the WatchOn app on your device
  • Then select your country, for example Indonesia
  • Choose the Pay TV you use, if you don’t have one you can just choose Indovision
  • Select Skip and Agree
  • Next, an icon will appear in the form of a remote control. Then click the TV settings icon.
  • Then click Next to make the settings
  • The next step is to select the TV brand you are using
  • If there is no brand of your TV on this page, click See other brands
  • Once you have selected your TV brands, click the power button to turn on your TV.
  • Note, if your TV turns on correctly, click YES, this code works. If it won’t turn on, click “Send this code again” to try again
  • Then click on MY TV (TV brand)
  • Click DONE for the last time. All processes are completed and you can use your Android phone as a TV remote control.

Use of Additional Apps

It is usually used to establish a connection between a smartphone and an electronic device via WiFi, Bluetooth or infrared. But even if your Android smartphone does not have this remote control function, you can turn your Android device into a TV or air conditioner remote control with an application available on the Google Play Store.

Here is a tutorial on how to turn your Android into a TV remote using a third-party app. Many remote apps like MI remote control are available in Google Play Store. Here is an explanation of the steps!

  • Download and Install the app MI remote control in the Google Play Store via your Android smartphone.
  • Wait for the process to complete and run the application.
  • You will see several menus, select IR Database and then your brand or TV brand. For example Panasonic or LG.
  • Next, you will be taken to an interface like a TV remote control.
  • This interface allows you to change the TV channel or change the volume.

Those are two simple ways that are easy to do when you need your Android to be a remote control for TVs, air conditioners, and even other electronic devices. Much luck!

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