What SEO Elements Are Most Important?

What SEO Elements Are Most Important?

Hey Friends welcome back on the Go On Digitals we are back with our new blog with the topic is what SEO elements are important..

If you do not have the knowledge of digital marketing in the time of this online business, then you cannot run your online business for a long time.

And today we are going to talk about one such topic, which is very important in these important roles in digital marketing.
Which easy language (SEO) search engine optimization in such technical language As we all know, internet has become a huge platform today where thousands of websites and blogs are created every day. It is very difficult to get your website a different identity in so many companies.  This problem can be solved through SEO.


We have two types of SEO
ON PAGE SEO The goal is to set the pages so that those pages may show the top pages of search engines so that traffic can be captured. To do this you have to optimize the code in Content , Architecture , HTML CODE

Why On Page SEO Important: – Most people has little knowledge So that they are not able to do On page SEO work on their site With the help of on page SEO, you can control your site. So when working on Apple, keep in mind that the users who are visiting your website and pages, they should understand your website clearly that your website Is on the topic and they should believe that this page is so full And this will increase the rank of your website and pages


On Page SEO Factors: –  I. Value: Take care of this budget that your content and blog give them value. It has some images and headline important.
II. User experience: You have to keep in mind that the speed of your site is loaded at the right time, not that its speed has to be taken care of.
III. Keyword and content: You have to keep in mind that your content and keywords are special optimization. In these simple languages, you have to keep in mind that the user is able to search your content on the search engine.
IV. Bot-friendliness: In this, keep in mind that your data is owned by the users, is the user able to scroll their pages on your pages?
V. Mobile-friendliness: In this, keep in mind that your site is everyone’s own mobile open site.

Benefits of On Page SEO:
On page SEO is the way you can make your site visible on the Internet.
This brings traffic to the website, which makes the website rank quite well.
One Pages element:
• Title tags
• Headings
• URL structure
• Alt text for images
• Site speed
• Internal links
• Meta descriptions
• Responsiveness

OFF PAGE SEO :- All the activities that we do externally on our blog are called off page SEO.
Meaning when we share the post on the same social media after it is published and make its backlink And submit it to a search engine like google and you will save the page to do these things on the blog.

Why Off Page SEO Important:
Content is considered O king in blogging
That is, what matters most in blogging is your content.
Because sometimes the content of other sites are better than the content of our site, so one of the third things that we do in this is off page SEO activities, In this, Google finds that which site is being searched on the Internet and which websites have good quality backlinks.

OFF Page SEO Factors:

Off Page SEO has some factors like On Page SEO Which we can apply on our website, so in less time I can be a chance of high ranking.

There Are Some Factor’s of Off Page SEO.

1. Backlinks:-  Back link means that your side link is on someone else’s website Sometimes Off Page SEO means back link.
2. Social sharing:-  The more we share the link of our website on social media, the better is the ranking of the site So use social media platforms to publish your every post and share blogs on blogs platforms, this makes Off Page SEO.
3. Search engine submission:- To get your sites ranked quickly, you can use GSC and Bing Master on search engines like Google and Bing.
4. Guest posting:- By writing a guest post to Dusro’s site, that site gives you a back link and this improves your Off Page SEO May.
5. Some other’s method:
1. Question-Answer Sites Submission.
2. Forum Sites Submission.
3. Leaving Comments on other sites with your site link.
4. Photo Submission Sites (Like- Pinterest and Instagram).

Benefits of Off Pages SEO
• By doing off-page, our website’s domain authority and page authority rank quite well.
• The website has to promote to many other websites and reach the people, which makes it an SEO business.
• When a lot of content competes on Google,
then Off Page SEO helps a lot at that time.

Best Off Page SEO Tools List
• Google search
• Semrush
• Ahrefs
• Google search console
• Ubersuggest
• Buzzsumo
• Webarchive

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